Shipbuilding and the shipyard Evolution of today

The wooden ship was constructed on a building berth, around which timbers and planking were cut and shaped and then fitted together on the berth to form the hull. A similar practice was followed with iron vessels and, later, with the earlier steel ships, as these tended to be replicas of wooden hulls. Gradually iron came to be used more effectively in its own right, rather than as a substitute for timber.

Shipbuilding industry has a very specific character as compared to that of any other manufacturing industry. Ship building involves usage of a wide range of equipment, materials and skills. The very size of ships makes it different from other industrial products. The huge size along with the required fittings and fixtures depending on the type of the vessel, it calls for a huge manhour requirement. It calls for a very wide variety of materials to be used in ship construction. As a very wide variety of materials are used it also calls for personnel with skills of various trades and this is where Tega Worldwide Solutions Services Nig. Ltd stands. It is not a mass production item, neither a show case item. It is a case of unit production. Tega Worldwide Solutions Services Nig. Ltd ship builder gets only four inputs from the customer, i.e. the type of cargo, volume or weight of cargo to be carried, ship’s route of operation and ship’s cruising speed. Based on these, Tega Worldwide Solutions Services Nig. Ltd work out the entire design, build strategy, delivery schedule and cost of the ship. Tega Worldwide Solutions Services Nig. Ltd also guarantee that the vessel will deliver the required speed at the given loading condition.


Ship & Boat Building

Today's ship construction is a complicated compound of art and science. In the great days of sail, vessels were designed and built on the basis of practical experience; ship construction was predominantly a skill to have.


Materials, Design & Processes

complex of activities concerned with the design and fabrication of all marine vehicles.

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tega worldwide shipbuildig solutions

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